This all started when I was 11 years old,
Teaming up with a friend called James and becoming J.M.D’s – James & Michael’s Discos!
4 Years of parties with basic equipment we saved up for, it was great fun!
Then I decided to go it alone…

At 15 my sister Sarah came up with the name “Micky B” – I like it.
I launched Micky B Mobile Disco, purchased sound & lighting then hit the ground running with
gigs through Drama, School, Family & Friends.

At 17 I started at Chicago’s in Southend, they gave me 3 nights a week and even kids parties at
the venue, this gave my private work a huge boost and after 3 years I left.

At 19 I met Gary Smith who owned a brand called “Boogie Nights” which featured on a
Wednesday night at Chameleon in Southend, we also played at Sams in Brentwood and even a
monthly slot at Zen in Dartford.

In 2001 I created a brand called FLAVA – Club style teenage parties, the idea was to take the
“Cool club style” of DJ-ing and put that into teenage parties – it worked!
It became popular in schools, as an under 18s brand and its biggest success was private
events, so much so its age bracket is now 8-15 years.

In 2003 I created HEKTIC for ages 4-7, we added extras like bouncy castles, medals as prizes,
bubble, haze & snow machines and its proved to also be very successful.

Boogie Nights grew as a brand and Gary took me across the country to universities & clubs in
front of huge crowds, it was amazing….

We featured in venues such as:
Talk – Southend
Seymours - Southend
Mercy – Norwhich
Hippodrome – London & Colchester
Liquid – Ipswich
Millennium (since Liquid & Seen) – Harlow
Indigo – Folkstone

Guests & P.A’s such as:
Artful Dodger, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Pat Sharp, Phatts & Small, Baby D, Wigfield, 2 Unlimited, East 17, Chesney Hawks & Jason Donavon. (2007 to 2013) – The Clubs!

Tuesday Nights: New York, Basildon
Wednesday Nights: Escape, Colchester
Thursday Nights: Sugar Hut, Brentwood
Friday Nights: Mayhem, Southend
Saturday Nights: Liquid, Harlow
Bank Holiday Sundays: Liquid, Harlow (Boogie Nights)

I was loving the clubs, the mobile work was also busy and & I launched a small agency with a
few DJ’s that also continued to grow….
But in 2010 I was given a residency at JJ’s in Basildon,
this was so much fun and I loved doing what I do best!
Playing a random KILLER party set every week, over 500 people sang and tore the roof off!
Great venue with great people – that’s one gig I truly miss.

The club’s started to cut back expenses so each gig slowly stopped,
But I still landed a cosy set at Linx in Rayleigh for a year or so.

(2015 to 2017)
With no club work to worry about I focused on just the private work,
Making improvements and investments into FLAVA and the Wedding shows.

2017 was a very busy year also planning my own wedding, getting married and having a whole
new focus has been amazing which brings us to….

Rebranded as

The idea is to now grow even bigger; there is nothing that we can’t do!
The brands are still very popular, It’s an agency for DJ’s but we’re taking on bands, singers and
more, hiring & selling L.E.D products, 3D Dance floors, staging, lighting, sound & so much
more will be available for hire.

2018 is also the year I introduce “DANCING THROUGH THE DECADES” my newest brand to be
used for adult private events and as an open club night (keep an eye on the ticket page!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me,
I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Regards Micky B